An Ecommerce Solutions Provider For the purpose of Small Businesses

GoDaddy Incorporation. is a north american community traded Web hosting provider and domain recoger headquartered in Tempe, The us and classified by the US Yellow Sheet. A subsidiary of ICANN, GoDaddy can be accredited by Internet Business for Given Numbers of Titles (ICANN), the organization that handles the DNS system for anyone IP the address. ICANN is certainly governed with a nonprofit mother board of company directors whose term of office is until 12 , 31st, 2009.

The GoDaddy services are available at affordable prices with features that ensure top-quality customer support. GoDaddy’s servers are operating out of New York and therefore are externally supported by the likes of Sunshine Microsystems. This company has been in operation since 1985 and is one of many oldest domains registrars relating to the internet. GoDaddy offers a range of internet hosting plans, which are very useful to small companies as well as people looking for a trustworthy web hosting solution. Domains registered with GoDaddy show good growth amounts and have experienced a steady increase in their number over the past few years.

GoDaddy offers a variety of add-ons and tools to enhance your website security and reliability. They feature affordable internet hosting ideas with free area registration. In addition to a domain name and a web hosting service, GoDaddy also supplies website development solutions, online store solutions, and marketing and search engine optimization services. They may be extremely fast within their delivery of services and gives their customers round the clock customer support by using email, mobile and conversation.

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