Why Can Nikki Cox Leave the Show?

Why Can Nikki Cox Leave the Show?

The response to this question why did Nikki Cox leave the truth TV series »Vegas. » Is because of what went on between her and Mike Hammer. According to an article in Variety, »Cox felt like she and hens weren’t working well together. They assert frequently, and also at one point during the show’s seventh season, Cox faced Hammer about a number of their comments about her appearance. She told Variety, »’I would never talk seriously about my appearance or her kids. I don’t discuss other people’s children. »

What happened was during one of the episodes, Nikki was found in public with no leash. Mike Hammer found her rescue and told her that he was merely giving her space. It turned out he was filming one of the scenes for a different reality series in which he had been said to be the »buddy » that she dated in the afternoon. It turns out that Nikki had spent months trying to get out of this »dating » part of the show.

When asked about the spectacle, Nikki told reporters, »I actually don’t remember. It was years ago. I really do not think it’s relevant, but whatever. It wasn’t anything I cared for. » She also added, »that I don’t have any comment on this. I’m married, therefore it doesn’t disturb me. »

As it happens, the »dating » area of the show was canceled after the first season. The system, of course, failed to find the humor in the situation. Still, it’s astonishing that a lady who seemed happy enough with her function for being a writer/star/host for its series felt that the need to go everywhere. After all, the »Vegas » show was one of its most popular genre shows, and in many ways its longevity is attributed to its stable source of guest celebrities: actors. Certainly one of the biggest stars at the moment will be Nikki Hilton.

Last autumn, Hilton was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. After her arrest, her star was shot off the air. Of course, the people lost interest in her as the story unraveled. Why did Nikki Hilton leave the series, you ask?

It seems that the »Vegas » news series made her lose her co-star job. That’s one notion. But, there is just another one – she was simply tired of the erratic program the series dictated. At a September interview with Access Hollywood Live, » Hilton said that she scarcely visited Vegas. This shows that maybe the vegas news policy and most of the sudden curiosity about her life was a result of some thing else.

Based on Access Hollywood Live, Coopering said: »NIKI was not moving away. She was gone from Access as March. » Therefore, it could possibly be the Hilton wanted more hours for you to recover from her pregnancy and maybe even moved back to la. It may also be the she and Coopering just tack on bad conditions. Whatever the situation, the ending of an age for the favorite television personality comes only weeks after her divorce from hubby Carl Lewis.

Hopefully, Hilton has heard her courses and certainly will continue to entertain throughout her personal life and onto her series. Or maybe she simply needs a break from being forced to interact with the general public. In any case might be, her death from The Cheers Show can be really just a large loss to fans everywhere. As you bid her goodbye, know that you’ll still be watching the newest shows on television next year.

The Cheers show had been an essential aspect of Hilton’s lifetime for almost twenty decades. She has appeared on the series countless times and during those appearances she’s found that she loves the role and gets a kick out of the whole shindig that is the show. But now that she’s out of this role, she must take care of the fact that she can not appear on the series . It leaves the door wide open to someone else to fill her shoes to the foreseeable future. However, you will find a number of names being discussed as the probable replacements.

One name that is always cited as a possible replacement is out-going singer Ashlee Simpson. She is among the hottest young stars right now and also has a brief history with the cameras. Plus, both girls have lots in common, especially the love of country music and their fondness for gossip. Still another nation star that has been mentioned as a possible replacement is Kara Palmer.

As you may see, the headlines of Nikki Cox’s exit from Cheers is both surprising and miserable. She’s among those few personalities on the series whose presence is appreciated by the fans along with the celebrities. Her brief stint undoubtedly left a major void in the hearts of her former fans but one has to hope that she’ll discover close to no doubt.

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