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Electrical Installation – operating the Electric in to the Cabinet Print

This instructional guide will help with the planning/installation associated with Electrical Power Supply for the Acrylic Spas.

Every one of our acrylic tubs have actually removable cabinet panels which cover the whole border associated with bath tub.

Whenever running the electrical through the spa, the access point in to the case doesn’t have to be put appropriate during the Control Pack location. Our spas do not come designed with a hole that is pre-drilled electric so access are through any of the case panels.*

*NOTE: We usually do not advise setting up the electric through a case panel this is certainly situated in front a Pump, Control Pack, Blower, or Gate Valve. These panels will need to be likely eliminated sooner or later for maintenance or servicing.

Selecting an area

Whenever choosing locations to enter the case, achieve this in line with the following:

  • security (don’t create hazards that are tripping
  • looks
  • access points for users to enter the bath tub
  • step positioning
  • cover opening position (bottom mount lifters could have the address remainder low near the cabinet)
  • address lifter mounts

Producing an Access Aim

A Spade Bit is not recommended since there are no pre-drilled holes, access through the panel is done using a Hole Saw for a clean cut. The best location to put an opening for the cord, will be less than six ins up from the base for the cabinet panel, and 3 to 4 ins in through the outside side of the case panel. Take note that the case panels have actually timber framework and insulating foam inserts. Make an effort to avoid drilling through the timber frame as this will damage the support that is structural lumber provides.

We usually do not recommend approaching through the bottom of the spa. Then we suggest you take into consideration that you will not be able to slide the tub in any way if this is the most ideal route.

This could pose a nagging issue if a site specialist is needed to access a region of the bath tub that is against an obstruction such as for instance a wall surface or deck.

The Control Pack (where in fact the electrical is supposed to be linked) is likely to be positioned behind one of many cabinet panels straight below your Topside Control Panel (precise location will differ based on spa model).

There was space that is enough the case to operate the energy cable from the access point to the Control Pack once we usually do not totally fill the cavity with spray foam. The energy cord will have to go into the Control Pack through the remaining hand side.

To find out more about linking the electrical to your circuit breaker, please click on our solution « Electrical Installation – Correct Wiring for a 240V Supply« .

In the event that you need any assistance that is further be sure to contact client provider.

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