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It features up to 3 light settings to help you set your comfortable light level for easily reading the generated weather reports. The wireless station comes with a longer transmission distance of up to 100-yard compared to most of the wireless stations out there. And like all the other systems from Davis Instruments, the station offers you weather updates after every 2.5 seconds to keep you alert to the changing weather.

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The best part about this top-rated weather station is that it’s 100% compatible with Amazon Axela and Google Assistant, enabling you to get real-time or past weather reports from any place. Ambient Weather WS-1201-IP Observer combines reliability, accuracy, and wireless technology to keep you updated about your home backyard weather conditions. The fact that it offers you most of the high-end features at a reasonable cost won it a place on this list.

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Similar to its cousin , this AcuRite also comes with PC connect feature. This is a pretty convenient feature for you because you can upload all your data to your Windows PC and share it, analyze it or simply store it. What’s more, you can also remotely access your station data online— on My AcuRite iOS/Android app. Just like in our previous station, this AcuRite also comes with an illuminated color LCD display.

Remember you’ll be accessing all your weather reports on a large download Streamlabs, easy to read, backlit LCD display. The glow in the dark keypad means that you can even use the data console in poorly lit conditions. Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage is the best weather station for those looking for a wireless weather station that’s easy and quick to install. This is made possible by its all-in-one sensor suite and the included mounting hardware. Overall, if you’re looking for an incredibly accurate and reliable weather station at an affordable cost, you can’t go wrong with this weather station.

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We kick off our reviews with the Ambient Weather WS in-1 Wi-Fi Professional Weather Station. Ambient Weather is a trusted name in the home weather station field for its top-quality and highly reliable products. With a home based weather station, you’ll be getting real-time weather reports that will let you successfully plan for each and every activity. Dashboard elements can link to network-based sources of data, including temperature maps and forecast products for a holistic view of the environmental data at any location, anywhere.

Since it also features IFTTT compatibility, you can easily link it to other smart devices around your home. This will make it possible for you to control various things in your home based on the data provided by the station.

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