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Many of the recommended browsers above also offer versions for mobile users on iOS and Android. Just like with Opera VPN, Epic falsely claims to offer a “free VPN” through the browser, but this is not really true. The browser is merely routing traffic through a US proxy server.

This guide is not meant to sell everyone on one browser that beats all others. Rather, it is just a summary of information about different web browsers that do well with both privacy and security. Choose the best browser for you based on your own unique needs and threat model.

I tried the other Chromium-based browsers and have been left unsatisfied. I currently use a total of 5 browsers; all having been assigned to very specific tasks and adjusted accordingly, based on Sven’s many brilliant tutorials, to accommodate various degrees of security & privacy. And I’ve tried out pretty much ALL the browsers available on a Mac. Okay, okay, yes/yes/yes… I can just hear it now from all the “Windoze” devotees. In addition to using a secure browser that is configured to protect your privacy, you should also consider using a good ad blocker.

  • UC Browser doesn’t focus only on security, file downloads and social networks.
  • This browser aims to appeal to a wide audience, without dictating how it is to be used.
  • Having received a massive overhaul, Firefox’s latest version “Quantum” has become a complete browser.
  • Most Chromium browsers can be considered an improved version of Chrome somewhat, whereas UC Browser is more of a new Chrome.

Ads function as tracking to collect your browsing data and serve you targeted ads. If you aren’t blocking ads, your activities can be tracked by third-party advertising networks, with any site hosting ads. One problem that often comes with browser privacy and security is that people want to remain logged in to various accounts, while also browsing the web. When you stay logged in to Gmail or Facebook, for example, their trackers can record your activity as you browse the web.

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As we learned with Opera (and with many other “free proxy” services), proxies are often used for data collection . When reading the Epic privacy policy, we find that data from “video download and proxy services” is being collected. The instructions for using visit the Tor browser without the Tor network are in mybrowser fingerprinting guide. Be careful when adjusting the settings for the Tor browser, however, as this may compromise the browser’s built-in privacy and security features.

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