These are the best online shops for plus sizes

These are the best online shops for plus sizes

The sun enhances the bleaching effect.

Sugar paste for depilation

Sugar paste is a tried and tested home remedy for removing hair: boil four tablespoons of lemon juice, four tablespoons of water, and a quarter cup of sugar. Let the mixture cook for ten minutes, stirring, to get a sticky paste. Knead it as soon as it has cooled down. The mass initially has the color of honey and turns light yellow as it is kneaded.

Clean and dry your skin as you normally would. Then stretch the skin with your thumb and middle finger while you rub the sugar mass against the direction of growth with the other hand and quickly pull it off in the direction of growth.

Depilate small areas of skin this way. Apply the paste in small areas about the size of a 10 cent piece at a time. The procedure is gentle because it gently pulls the hairs out of the skin instead of tearing them off.

Remove individual hairs with the tweezers

Sometimes the women’s beard is made up of some longer hair. In this case, it’s easier to pluck the annoying hairs instead of bleaching them or removing them with sugar paste. For this method, you need good-grip tweezers that can be used to pluck eyebrows.

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Grab each individual hair just above the skin and pull it out with a jerk in the direction of growth.

The argan oil obtained from the core of the argan fruit has established itself as a cosmetic product with an anti-aging and healing effect. Since the vegetable oil contains concentrated vitamin E compounds, it can make your facial skin look healthier and firmer.

Anti Aging Tips For Him And Her
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Firming, antibacterial and healing effect of argan oil

Argan oil can be good for your skin in many ways, as its composition has different effects. The vitamin E compounds give your skin new strength. As an essential oil, argan oil not only has a firming effect, but above all disinfecting and antibacterial.

Redness or skin irritation can also be combated with the cosmetic product. Thanks to its antibacterial and disinfecting properties, you can use the oil to soothe scars.

Cosmetic products with argan oil

If you want to discover argan oil for yourself, you have the choice between various cosmetic products. Soaps, body lotions, lip care sticks and skin care creams are among the most popular applications, but the pure argan oil skin oil can also be used for treatment. If you want to use argan oil as a natural cosmetic and natural product, make sure that the selected products are free from silicones, preservatives and fragrances.

If possible, the product should be virgin argan oil obtained from unroasted kernels. Only in this way is the cosmetic odorless. Read the composition on the packaging of the selected product and, in the case of creams or lip balm sticks, be sure to also pay attention to the information on the pure oil content. If that is negligible, the investment is not worth it. 

Facial care with argan oil

Use pure argan skin oil and certified organic lip balm sticks or face creams for facial care. Lip care sticks and face creams with argan oil do not differ in their application from conventional products for skin care. For the facial treatment with pure oil, first clean your skin with lukewarm water and dry it off. Now put half a teaspoon of pure oil on your hands and rub the product in using circular movements.

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Treat your skin with the product twice a day for a particularly intense effect. Because the oil is absorbed by your skin, there is no need to clean your face after the treatment. To increase the rejuvenating effect, you can also consume argan oil: Cook with the oil. For an intense taste, choose oil made from roasted argan seeds.

Those who prevent and treat rivet nails usually go straight to a professional manicure. However, the beauty treatment is not absolutely necessary to prevent the skin in the immediate vicinity of the nail from bursting.

How are rivets made and how can you prevent them?

Basically, you need to know that the fingernail has grown together with the skin of the finger up to a certain point. The further it grows out, the more it separates from the skin. However, this process is not always as easy as it seems. Often times, the nail pulls the skin along with it, creating cracks in the cornea that are painful, unkempt, and rough. In order to properly treat the problem of rivet nails, you can use several methods.

Treat and prevent rivet nails properly

A recommended tip is to gently push the cuticle back several times a week. This method is not too difficult and you can use it alongside your usual activities. You should definitely be careful with the treatment, as the nail bed is very sensitive and injuries very quickly in the long term. The cuticle sliders made of rubber, which are available in stores, are practical as they gently take the tension off the skin.

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Use metal slides

If the skin is very sturdy, you may want to use other metal sliders, as the rubber devices are sometimes not ideal for loosening the skin. If you have trouble loosening the skin, then you should soak your fingers briefly in water or treat them with a hand cream. This makes your hands supple and you can move the skin easily.

Big bust or wider bottom: for curvy women it is often not that easy to find well-fitting clothes. We’ll reveal which online shops have the largest selection and how you can best showcase your curves.

These are the best online shops for plus sizes"Plus size"-Fashion: Correctly emphasize curvesTips for women with a lot of stomachTips for women with a V-figureTips for women with strong legsTips for women with an H-figureColors, patterns, details

To stage themselves and their curves in a fashionable way is difficult for many women with large sizes – also because there are only a few online shops "Plus size"-Consider needs. In a new study, Wundercurves, a marketplace for plus size fashion, compared 50 online shops with one another and examined which offer the best shopping experience for women with large sizes.

These are the best online shops for plus sizes

In order to determine the best online shops for women with clothing size 42+, factors such as: the proportion of "Plus size"-Clothing at the entire selection, the prices, the shipping costs or the range of large sizes. The result is that "Plus size"-Fire index 2021.

To the shops with the largest selection of "Plus size"-Fashion therefore include:

Ulla Popken H.&MMeyermode (bell) Happy Size (bell) BonprixNavabiCreation LAmbriaYours ClothingAsos

Ulla Popken lands in first place with a selection of 8,083 "Plus size"-Products – 7,733 products are also available from size 46. In addition, the online shop offers clothing up to size 68, which was only the case in one other shop examined.

H&M is at 5,918 "Plus size"-Products in second place, of which 5,605 products are also available from size 46. There are clothes up to size 62. In third place is Meyermode with 4,496 "Plus size"-Products, all of which are also available from size 46. Overall, the online shop offers fashion up to size 66.

"Plus size"-Mode: Correctly emphasize curves

Plus size: It looks great when the curves are emphasized in the right places. (Source: Staras / Getty Images)

But before you go shopping, know how to properly accentuate your curves. A common mistake that chubby women make: choosing clothes too big. Oversized fashion is a trend that is not necessarily recommended for curvy women.

Often women also choose the wrong size because they are just fixated on having a certain size in the shield. But it is much better to deliberately highlight parts of the body instead of hiding everything. There are various reasons to wear plus size – because of the wider buttocks, the large bust or the stomach. So you should first find out what you want to emphasize about your own body and what you would rather hide.

Tips for women with a big belly

If you want to define yourself less through your stomach, emphasize your other assets by putting the focus on the legs or slender ankles. This can be implemented, for example, with longer tops. Short tops, on the other hand, compress the figure, which makes the upper body appear stronger.

A-line dresses can also be worn well because the fabric is relaxed around the female center and focuses on the cleavage. It can also help to choose asymmetrically cut tops. They distract the eye and look exciting.

Tips for women with a V-figure

With this type of figure, the upper body is strong. The legs and waist are subtle in comparison – so they can be emphasized. You can do this if you dare to wear pants and skirts with patterns or strong colors, while wearing calm colors and designs on top. Flared-leg trousers are also ideal for women with broad shoulders.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to wear tops with a submarine collar: They only emphasize the broad shoulder area. Otherwise: stay away from high-necked tops with round necklines. The covering up to the neck creates a large area that looks massive. Stretching V or heart cutouts are more beneficial. Tops or dresses with a wrap look conjure up a waist and direct the focus from above to the actual core of the body.

Tips for women with strong legs

If you want to be on the safe side, choose trousers that are cut close to the hips and are looser around the thighs. But if you’re more comfortable in skinny jeans, you should wear them too. However, it is better to avoid light washes, especially on the widest parts of the thigh. Because that creates a large, noticeable area.

Otherwise, high heels visually lengthen the leg. Here you are welcome to choose wide heels and pay attention to a comfortable height.

Tips for women with an H-figure

This figure type hardly has any curves. Shoulder, waist and hips are roughly the same width. For women with this figure who do not even know what to emphasize, it helps to visually create a core. Wrap dresses asian mail order, wrapped blouses or accentuating the waist with a colored accessory – for example a scarf – can help.

Colors, patterns, details

Have the courage and try something new – for example in terms of color.