The Academic Integrity Project will change value approaches in higher education

The Academic Integrity Project will change value approaches in higher education

As a result, some changes were made to the Law on Higher Education, but this was not enough. On their basis, two members (vacancies for the mentioned September by-elections) who were subject to the Law “On Purification of Power” were expelled from the NAME. All other corruption threats remained in place. Therefore, in the current circumstances, the Agency cannot perform the tasks assigned to it. At the same time, some of its members are truly authoritative professionals. They could be nominated again by their stakeholders in the future.

I do not accidentally mention the People’s Deputy Spivakovsky. He is an energetic man with rather exotic views on the future of Ukrainian education. He repeatedly questioned the Law on Higher Education (“adopted early”), tried to prevent the adoption of the Law on Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity (approved by the Verkhovna Rada on November 26, 2015), and denied the need to introduce a 12-year school. It is clear that the struggle for and against takes place not only in the session hall.

As a rule, Oleksandr Spivakovsky reported to the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko faction not the opinion of the Committee, but his own. Conversely, he stated at the Committee on Science and Education that he was supported by the entire BPP faction, which was also not true. As long as this MP is acting chairman of the Committee and seeks to chair it under any circumstances, constructive cooperation with the Ministry is impossible. Educators will be held hostage to his personal ambitions. Let me remind you that at the time of passing the already ready and extremely important for reforming the industry bills « On Education », « On Vocational Education », « On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on Financing Higher Education (on Economic Relations in Higher Education) « .

Given all these circumstances, I suggest the following steps:

To the factions of the Verkhovna Rada to delegate to the Committee on Science and Education one additional representative, who would be an educator. This would increase the number of members of the Committee, elect a worthy chairman, make his work more dynamic, and the Verkhovna Rada – to pay due attention to the reform of this extremely important area for Ukraine. Introduce such amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” that would regulate the procedure of elections to the NAME and outline the requirements for candidates. Occasionally, other anti-corruption, anti-conservative safeguards could be considered, including through delegation mechanisms, to promote positive change and prevent the creation of a new post-totalitarian “monster” with even greater concentration of power than the HAC and ACU combined. Based on the claims to the elections to NAME in 2015, as well as to some of its members (plagiarism revealed), given the new political reality created by the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, after amendments to the current Law « On Higher Education « , and announce new elections.

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The Academic Integrity Project will change value approaches in higher education

The integrity project in universities is being implemented by Americans

The Academic Integrity Project, which aims to eradicate the values ​​and practices of dishonesty in the academic process, will be implemented by the American Councils for International Education with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine. This was announced during a press conference dedicated to the launch of the project by First Deputy Minister of Education Inna Sovsun and Counselor for Press, Education and Culture of the US Embassy in Ukraine Konrad Turner.

As Inna Sovsun noted, the main goal of the reforms implemented by the Ministry of Education is the quality of education, which cannot be ensured without the principles of academic integrity by all participants in the educational process.

“To ensure a high quality of education in universities, we also need to change the values ​​and practices that have been ingrained in the system for decades. We need to build new relationships within universities, which will be based on the principles of integrity, mutual trust, respect and responsibility, « said the First Deputy Minister.

She also said that the project to promote academic integrity in Ukraine is aimed at qualitatively changing the value approaches and guidelines in higher education.

According to her, the primary task of the Ministry of Education in this project is to develop an appropriate regulatory framework, and its implementation will be carried out by the American Councils for International Education with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

In turn, the Counselor for Press, Education and Culture of the US Embassy Konrad Turner noted that libraries will become an integral part of the project.

« The library is a center that can disseminate information about both virtue and plagiarism, » said Conrad Turner.

According to him, participation in the employers’ project is also important: they can motivate students to better education and decent behavior, emphasizing that they would like to see such employees in their companies.

According to the projectator Taras Timochko, 10 Ukrainian higher education institutions coordin will take part in the pilot stage. An Academic Letter course is currently being developed for these universities, which includes explanations of academic integrity.

As the project is designed for 4 years, the course should cover the entire current generation of undergraduate students.

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Demands to imitate scientific activity at any cost lead to its imitation and plagiarism

Students are accustomed to plagiarism, – scientists

Pupils and students are actually taught plagiarism by giving assignments, which are usually done by copying materials from the Internet, without proper supervision. This is stated in the appeal of Ukrainian scientists to the leadership of the state regarding the spread of such a phenomenon in Ukraine as plagiarism.

In particular, scientists note that formal requirements for students and teachers to imitate scientific activities at any cost without proper expert evaluation also lead to mass imitation of scientific work and buy compare and contrast essay online plagiarism, and students themselves are beginning to think that this is how science is done.

“In such conditions, the effectiveness of the system of evaluation of learning outcomes and research is lost along with the credibility of scientific results and qualification documents. The scale of the spread of plagiarism and condescending attitude to it in Ukrainian education and science has already begun to threaten the entire educational system, which in some industries is gradually losing all meaning, « – said the authors of the appeal.

They also noted that the announced measures on academic integrity policy were still declarative, and that promises to introduce or even implement anti-plagiarism software would not solve the problem unless obvious plagiarism and those who defended it were punished.



In Ukraine, there is no possibility to cancel the decision to award a degree in the case of academic plagiarism

Plagiarism: There is no procedure for deprivation of a scientific degree yet

The National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education still cannot overturn a decision to award a degree in the event of academic plagiarism.

This was announced by Deputy Head of the National Agency for Quality Ivan Nazarov.

« From the very beginning, we receive complaints about violations of academic integrity. In most cases, we are talking about reports of academic plagiarism in the dissertations already defended in specialized scientific councils, » said Ivan Nazarov.

According to him, the agency also receives complaints about procedural violations in the defense of dissertations, along with violations in the design of dissertations.

At the same time, Ivan Nazarov stressed that the agency has the authority to consider such appeals in accordance with the Law « On Higher Education », but there is still no procedure for their implementation.

There is a legal basis for such appeals. The Law of Ukraine « On Higher Education » states that the Ethics Committee for Academic Plagiarism, the Appeals Committee for appeals, applications and complaints regarding the activities and decisions of specialized scientific councils are formed within the National Agency. « – said Ivan Nazarov.

He also stressed that in order to approve the decisions proposed by these committees, the agency is empowered to monitor the activities of specialized scientific councils and cancel the decisions of the dissertation council on the award of academic degrees in case of academic plagiarism.

Therefore, it is clear that participants in educational or scientific activities who have witnessed violations of academic integrity or who became aware of them after reading the Law of Ukraine « On Higher Education » and wishing to contact the appropriate and competent authority to eliminate identified violations and involve guilty of academic responsibility, apply to the National Agency « – said Ivan Nazarov.

He stressed that the National Agency is responsible for the responsibilities imposed on it by society and the state, in particular in the field of compliance with the requirements of academic integrity, is not limited to formal responses to such appeals, but understands the need for expertise to confirm or refute allegations.

« But we have to state that we do not have the opportunity to ensure effective work in this direction. To fulfill the above legal powers, we still need to establish a procedure for their implementation, which must be approved by other government agencies, especially the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, « said Ivan Nazarov.