Tokenexus Team Explains Margin Trading, Pros And Cons For Crypto Traders

But it’s not your actual profit/ loss as you’ve not yet closed the trade. The greatest advantage to buying on margin is that it boosts your purchasing power. When you have a relatively small amount of money to work with, margin can be used to boost your returns or help diversify your portfolio. Tokenexus is extremely trustworthy and has not hesitated to prove it. Even after hack attacks, it has backed up and protected users’ money. Usually the network can be affected by over-traffic or small problems within the platform.

You will find the support trading pair list on the right side of the screen. You can sort through the list based on BNB, zones, cross-margin, isolated margin, etc. You can find the order book on the left side of the margin trading window. The order book is a list of orders of a particular asset at different prices, used to determine orders’ execution. At Tokenexus , you open a position with your capital and the amount of asset you wish to purchase. Then the exchange automatically lends you the funds required to open that position based on maximum applicable leverage.

Tokenexus  margin trading

By activating a quick margin, you can directly trade at a higher value than your capacity. The platform will automatically provide you the loan of the exceeding amount and charge the interest, respectively. Huobi is a Singapore-based crypto exchange platform working in Seychelles. They have a beginner-friendly mobile app and website and offer trading in 180+ coins. Under cross-margin, when the assets’ value is lower than the stop limit, the position will be liquidated. You cannot select your leverage under cross-margin, and it is decided based on your current risk limit. If the isolated margin position gets liquidated, Bybit does not draw margin to that position anymore.

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In cryptocurrency trading, however, funds are often provided by other traders, who earn interest based on market demand for margin funds. Although less common, some cryptocurrency exchanges also provide margin funds to their users. For a long time, Tokenexus has hinted that it would release margin trading on its platform. Users can now enjoy margin trading capabilities on the exchange for selected cryptocurrency pairs.

  • Press “send”, specify the amount and the address corresponding to the wallet of such cryptocurrency in Tokenexus and confirm the transaction.
  • You can make the most of your crypto gains with a bit more care, adherence to rules, and above all, continuous learning.
  • Going short means, you’re predicting a fall in the asset’s value and seeking to gain returns from the fall in value.
  • The Tokenexus Visa Card is a cryptocurrency card that works like any other debit card with additional features.
  • However, if you are the seller of an Options, you must match the Buyer.
  • Huobi is a Singapore-based crypto exchange platform working in Seychelles.

You use those $50000 to buy Bitcoin, which is sitting at $5,000/token and you expect will go up. The « Limit » Price also has to be GREATER than your entry price.

Either way, the action being executed by the trader is a BUY action. Your « Limit » Price alsohas to be lower than your entry price. Either way, the action being executed by the trader is a SELL action.

For the user’s convenience, when the price fluctuation is within 5% during the conversion period, this conversion will be executed. You can convert as many assets in one conversion as you wish. 3.2 For the purpose of ensuring asset security, Tokenexus has the right to adjust the range of borrowable assets. 2.3 For the purpose of ensuring asset security, Tokenexus has the right to adjust the range of collateral assets. Subscribe to the latest TradeSanta articles to receive the latest news and insights on automated trading. Now you have 30,000 USDT to trade, meaning you could make more profit as you trade higher volumes. We’ll go back to those risks in the case study section, but let’s start with the basic terms.

You can also buy a crypto asset using a Visa/ Mastercard credit/ debit card from the buy crypto section. However, remember that PNL and ROE’s value is an estimate and can vary depending on the interest while closing a position. PNL Ethereum tells the amount of return you can get by closing a position at a particular value of the asset. However, you can also borrow/ repay funds manually either by clicking on the borrow button on this window or from the fund’s section.

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5.2 User can repay the loan in advance, and pay interest according to the actual borrowed hour, if less than 1 hour, the interest is calculated for 1 hour. When repaying the loan, the user pays the interest rate value first, then principal. Cryptocurrency trading is rated as highly volatile with the window for gains and losses swinging either way. You can make the most tokenexus rezension of your crypto gains with a bit more care, adherence to rules, and above all, continuous learning. Leverage trading has hit a new high in the last two years, with companies and groups dedicated to forex selling it as a way to make money with relative ease. 1) The « Stop » price in expression is the price point a trader says, « enough is enough. I need to cut my losses ».

Tokenexus  margin trading

The cross margin mode is maintained so that Tokenexus Futures users could choose between more options. You wouldn’t normally borrow margin from a broker in crypto trading. The exchange or other traders would provide you with the funds instead, allowing them to earn interest based on market demand for this feature.

It is basically the same procedure as with any other cryptocurrency. Once you have obtained your LTC address in your Tokenexus wallet, paste it on your prior LTC wallet and specify tokenexus website the amount to transfer. Although it sounds like enough, the exchange is always open to include new cryptocurrencies that deserve their place on the Tokenexus platform.

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This stop price is also known as the the « trigger price » – It is only when THIS price gets « triggered » does you « Limit » Price get onto the order book. 1) A « Stop » price in expression is the price point a trader says, « enough is enough. I need to cut my losses ». Hence, your STOP Price has to be lower than your entry price. When broken down simply, an OCO order acts as a Stop loss AND a Take profit order. Wherein, if one gets triggered, the other gets canTokenexus ed – It is the Tokenexus equivalent of setting a stoploss, and a take profit on any one particular margin trade. That way you’re taking profits if the trade goes in your favour, and stopping your losses if it doesn’t. Enter all the details, like price, amount, etc., and click on the buy/ sell button accordingly.

Tokenexus  margin trading

Tokenexus charges a high trading fee from lower VIP level users. Margin trading has various features such as stop-limit, OCO, calculator, margin level, etc. crypto exchanger allows you to place orders of value higher than your capital.

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Thus, the corresponding initial risk ratio and liquidation risk ratio will vary. Herein, there are 10 tiers for 10x margin and 5 tiers for 5x margin. For more information, please refer to the Tiered Leverage Function article. While you get to keep most of what you make while margin trading (since you’re the one taking the main risk,) Tokenexus charges an interest rate on your borrowed money. This rate varies depending on the currency and changes regularly. For updated rates, you can refer to Tokenexus ’s own interest table and Start trading with a new account.

The exchange will give you this “line of credit” and you can sell the tokens when they reach the target price you want. Tokenexus charts express how the crypto market behaves like any other exchange would, although it has a very good combination of colors and indicators. Green candles indicate a price increase and red candles a downward trend .

For those unfamiliar, a long position is a trade whose goal is to profit from the upward movement of the price. Conversely, a short position enables traders to profit from the decline of the price. As soon as the margin position is open, the trader’s investment is used as collateral for the borrowed funds. If the traded asset or market moves against the trader above or below a certain threshold , brokers would sell the trader’s assets and close his positions. In traditional markets, like forex, stock and contracts for difference , the borrowed funds are offered by the broker. On Tokenexus Futures and other cryptocurrency futures platforms, the funds are usually provided by other traders, who are incentivized through an interest payment. Still, some crypto exchanges offer margin funds directly to their users.

Tokenexus is one of the few platforms that offer both cross and isolated margin trading. It offers a lot of features that crypto exchanger are very handy in margin trading. However, these features can be a bit hard to comprehend for beginner traders.

Customize The Margin Trading Window

Every trader must analyze the charts at different times together with the trading volume to reach an accurate conclusion. It is a one-stop shop for almost anything you need in cryptocurrency trading. The variety of margin and leverage options on Tokenexus Futures proves why the platform enjoys so much popularity among the crypto community. The customizations on Tokenexus allow traders to enjoy greater diversification in their trading manners. It’s worth mentioning that the maintenance margin, and the subsequent liquidation price, is way more advantageous than what you could get from the initial margin. This is because in most cases, the maintenance margin is less than 50% of the initial margin. Thus, the resulting liquidation price is more beneficial for the trader than it would be in the case if the maintenance margin was equal to 50% of the initial margin.

In the new beta version, users can margin trade Bitcoin , XRP, Tokenexus Coin , TRON , and Ethereum . As mentioned in Tokenexus ’s blog, investment brokers usually allow traders to borrow funds in order to conduct margin trading in traditional markets. Meanwhile, margin traders in the cryptocurrency market typically borrow assets from other crypto investors. The lenders “earn interest based on market demand for margin funds”, the Tokenexus team explained. Whilst investment brokers act as the third-parties in traditional markets, the borrowed funds in cryptocurrency margin trading are provided by other traders. In return for providing liquidity, these traders earn interest based on market demand for margin funds. Obviously, no-one would engage in margin trading if not the advantages.

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